Testimonials & Birth Stories

Lucie's baby has his first breastfeed

“We looked and said, “it’s a little boy!” A few moments later I named our second son. I cannot begin to describe the feeling of euphoria I felt. Not only had I naturally delivered my beautiful baby boy (after a previous caesarean) , but I had done it against all the hospitals odds. I could not have done it without Pete’s incredible support and constant assertion that I was doing a brilliant job, or without  our fantastic doula Deb’s support and helping me to focus.”
Lucie  (read Lucie’s VBAC Birth Story, complete with gorgeous photos)




Kylie's children meet, after her empowering VBAC

Having a doula was great, better than great. Deb was instrumental in giving me the right tools to make all the right decisions for me to make my labour the best it could be. It was very reassuring to have her there in case things didn’t go as planned, so I could focus on my job at hand, Dylan could focus on me and Deb was really there for both of us. Deb is my birthing hero, she is knowledgeable, compassionate and an absolute rock. I can’t thank her enough.
Kylie (read Kylie’s journey to VBAC )




Romi meets her beautiful twin girls

I felt extremely supported by Deb (my doula)  throughout my pregnancy and relieved knowing she was at the birth to support both Trent and I through the process.  Looking back, the birth was one of the most empowering, difficult and amazing things that both Trent and I have ever experienced in our life.  I wish that every woman and her husband would experience this joy and satisfaction.                  Romi (read Romi’s story of her vaginal birth with twins)



Michelle meets her 3rd daughter

“Having Deb as our Doula was great!!!  We built a really strong trust with her which really helped my husband and I feel strong and empowered in the hospital.  Our doula helped make our birthing suite more suitable for birthing (reducing the lights, putting the bed on the floor, rearranging the furniture, getting my oil burner ready etc) She also helped ask questions and talk things over with us. It was also really great because we had learnt so much from our prenatal sessions with Deb that we knew what questions to ask and could explain clearly to the midwifes and nurses what we wanted and why.  Our labour would have been a lot harder without a Doula,  and we wouldn’t have been as confident. Thanks Deb for all of your help.”
Michelle (read Michelle’s journey to an empowering and positive repeat caesarean after two traumatic caesareans)

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