Your Options For Your Birth

There is a saying that “If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any”.

One of the most disempowering experiences in pregnancy and birth can be the feeling that you have no options, and not knowing where to turn to get good information.  And of course the flip side is true – having access to great information that clearly lays out your choices and the possible implications of each one enables you to make decisions from a position of knowledge rather than fear, and leads to feelings of empowerment and ownership of your birth.

You may have questions or concerns about your options in a number of areas :

  • what are my choices for a health carer for me in this birth?
  • where would be the best place for me to have my baby?
  • what form of care is best for me? (i.e. shared care, obstetric care, midwifery care)
  • what are my choices when birthing after a previous caesarean?
  • what are my choices when birthing after a previous situation that was concerning to me? (e.g. postpartum haemorrage or premature birth)
  • how can I have an empowering birth in my particular situation? (e.g. with special needs for you or your baby)
I can help you gain access to information that will enable you and your partner to decision-make with confidence, and prepare a path towards an empowering experience of pregnancy and birth.
Duration : 3 hours

Fees & Venue Options :

1. At my home in Chapel Hill : $155

2. At your home : $180

3. Via Skype or Phone : $155

(see Skype & Phone Consultations for details)
To book : Contact me for more information – I’d love to chat with you about tailoring a consultation to your specific needs 🙂

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