I Just Need To Talk To Someone

Not sure what you need?  That’s ok – and quite normal too 🙂  I encourage you to just give me a call or email anyway!

Sometimes just the process of making contact with someone who understands that birth matters, and who will take your concerns or questions seriously, is enough to give you confidence to get clear on what you want information or support about.

Popular one-off sessions I run include :
  • Pain in Birth – addressing your fears, and finding solutions
  • Vaginal birth vs caesarean birth – how do I make a decision from knowledge rather than fear?
  • Mythbusting common birth fears and beliefs
  • How to have a beautiful birth
  • So your baby may need special or intensive care? – What you can do to help

Feel free to give me a call to discuss tailoring an appointment to your specific needs – even if you are not really sure what your needs are!

Duration : we can custom-design a consultation for you – usually 1 – 2 hours will be all that’s needed

Fees & Venue Options :

1. At my home in Chapel Hill : $80 for 1 hr, $125 for 2 hrs, $155 for 3 hrs

2. At your home :$105 for 1 hr,  $150 for 2 hrs, $180 for 3 hrs

3. Via Skype or Phone :$80 for 1 hr, $125 for 2 hrs, $155 for 3 hrs   (see Skype and Phone Consultations details here)

Contact me to have a chat about what you think you might need.


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