Support for Traumatic Birth

For the past 9 years I have specialised in supporting women & their partners in the journey to healing from a disappointing, difficult or traumatic birth experience.

One of the first steps on the healing path is having the opportunity to debrief your birth with someone who understands that birth matters.  This is incredibly important, as sometimes other people (including perhaps our partner) do not understand the impact a birth can have upon a woman’s whole life.

Or, perhaps you are both feeling high levels of intensity about the birth and need to work through how you both experienced the events that unfolded.

It is vitally important to have your feelings about your birth understood, and to be able to make sense of what happened to you, so that you can move on from the experience.

I can hold a private session for you to begin to process your experience and ultimately move on.

I also specialise in providing information to support you in preparing for a subsequent birth after trauma, so this can form part of your consultation as well.

Duration : 3 hours

Fees & Venue Options :

  1. At my home in Chapel Hill : $155
  2. At your home : $180
  3. Via Skype or Phone : $155 (see Skype & Phone Consultations details)

To book : Contact me to talk about some options – I’d love to hear from you.

I also facilitate FREE ‘Healing From Birth’ group meetings at at Toowong in Brisbane, which can be extremely beneficial in the healing journey, as hearing other people’s stories can reduce the sense of isolation that comes from feeling that no-one ‘gets it’, plus you can hear from those who have made that journey and gone on to have subsequent empowering births, free of trauma.  I encourage you to consider attending these meetings, as the value gained can be immense.

You can read of other women’s journeys to healing here.

And see Birthtalk’s blog “The Truth About Traumatic Birth – what you need to know on the healing journey”


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