Doula Support

I do offer a full Doula service, however, my availability is limited due to the needs of my family.  You can read about my Doula service below.
However, if I am unable to support you in the role of doula, there are some other valuable options…

I can offer you a private Antenatal Course or VBAC Course that will support you, your partner in working towards an empowering birth.  The Course will empower you so you know which questions to ask, and how to get your needs met, and why this is important (and your partner will find this out too!), so that you can make decisions from a place of knowledge rather than fear. (If you have a doula they are welcome to sit in as well to keep you all on the same page).

I can also recommend other doula colleagues who may be able to support you in your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, as well as a list of questions to ask them to help determine their suitability for your needs.  Just contact me to ask for this.


I offer a selection of specialised consultations including :

  • 3 Antenatal visits including basic education & Birth support team meeting.
  • Antenatal support.
  • Early labour support via phone and at home.
  • Support with transfering to birth setting if applicable.
  • Birth Support in your choice of birth setting
  • Postnatal support – 2 to 3 visits
  • Debrief – 3 months or as needed
  • 24 hour on-call two weeks either side of due date.
  • Possibility of back-up Doula if needed
  • Support with Health Professional consultations if needed
  • Phone Support

Fee : $1800

Previous birth not so great ?
I have much experience in supporting women who have had a previous experience that ranged from disappointing to traumatic.  See my “Support For Traumatic Birth” page.

Extra support
After my own extreme challenges with breastfeeding my first child,  and the joy of breastfeeding my second child, I have much compassion and experience with supporting women in breastfeeding issues.  I offer prenatal massage, and usually am called upon to take ‘happy snaps’ of the new family, which so far have turned out well!

I am here to meet your needs, and look forward to supporting you in working towards a positive, empowering birth experience.

Contact me to have a chat


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