Review Your Birth Records

At Birthtalk we advise many women who have had a difficult or traumatic birth to retrieve their Birth Notes to aid in the healing process, and in preparation for a subsequent birth. Going over your notes with a midwife who understands that birth matters can be very powerful in moving a woman (and her partner) to a new level of healing and knowledge.

I use my midwifery training to help you make sense of your hospital notes and the care you received, which can often be difficult to interpret if you are not familiar with the environment of a maternity unit, or the abbreviations and shorthand used in note-taking.

We can talk about a plan for processing the new information you receive as a result of this, and I can support you in grieving and healing, if appropriate.

I can then use the information gained to help plan your next birth, if needed.

For details on how to get a copy of your notes, and testimonials from other women who have experienced these sessions with me, read Birthtalk’s article  Retrieving Your Birth Notes : a Healing Step    

Duration of Session : 3 hours

Fees & Venue Options :

1. At my home in Chapel Hill : $155

2. At your home : $180

3. Via Skype or Phone : $155 (see here for Skype and Phone Consultation details)

To book : Contact me to talk about the details!

More Information : You will need to send me a copy of your notes prior to the meeting for my perusal.  Contact me to discuss this – I’d love to talk through some options with you!


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