Debby Gould is a childbirth educator, birth worker  and mother of two young children.  She is also co-author of new book, “How to Heal a Bad Birth : making sense, making peace and moving on.” After working for the previous 7 years as a registered nurse, she qualified as a midwife in 2000. Throughout her career she has worked in the majority of Brisbane hospitals in this capacity. She co-founded Birthtalk.org in 2002.  She runs their popular Antenatal Course and Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) Course, and co-facilitates the Healing From Birth support group.   Since 2001 Debby has been working as a Doula, supporting couples on the journey to meeting their little one in an empowering, positive experience.  In 2006 she co-founded the Caesarean Awareness Network Australia (CANA) & is CANA’s National Phone Support Contact.

Says Debby,  “I am passionate about providing the opportunity for positive birth experiences, and allowing the associated personal growth and benefits to the whole family postnatally be realised,” she says. “I also know from 9 years of facilitating Birthtalk, that women who have had difficult births need specialised support, and I will do whatever I can to provide avenues for them to heal.

“I am not about natural birth, but empowered birth – where women and couples are involved in decision making with the ability to ascertain full and relevant information. When couples receive education that enables them to be fully aware of their innate abilities and the impact birth can have on their parenting live, birth becomes a life experience, not just a way to get our babies out. We cannot pre-determine or control the path of our labour or birth. However the up-side is that birth is designed to be a positive experience that leads us into our new role as parents. We do not have to be powerless in how we experience our birth. Regardless of the exact path every couple should be able to come through their birth experience feeling confident, capable and strong .”

©Debby Gould 2011


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©Debby Gould/Birthtalk 2011

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